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2009-12-21 14:04:36
A wonderful book on contemporary art dolls!
Every year, I buy the newest books on dollmaking and puppetry. But I regret the fact that there are so few reference books on contemporary art dolls. This year, I purchased a wonderful book, Art figuratif et poupées contemporaines de collection, that was written by a young French author, Aude (...)

2009-11-16 19:56:31
Paper Maché Mask - Part II
The last time I talked to you about paper mâché, it was in June! In fact, I have been so busy this summer working as a producer for the National Film Board of Canada (on the GDP web documentary project) that I did not find much time to work onmy son’s Halloween Spartan costume. However, I (...)

2009-06-07 14:59:51
Paper Maché Masks 101
I just completed a 3-day work session on the art of making paper maché masks. Wow! My teacher was the puppeteer Mathieu René, who has developed his tehnique over the years, creating puppets, marionettes and masks for puppet companies and collectors. Mathieu is also known on the Web as The (...)

2008-08-03 07:29:08
Great videos and painting lessons
I don’t know about you, but I can spend hours searching for dolls and marionettes on Google using the French, English and even German words for it! I enjoy finding new artists that have chosen to express themselves through dollmaking. Recently, I added youtube in my weekly routine and I am (...)

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