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A wonderful book on contemporary art dolls!

Every year, I buy the newest books on dollmaking and puppetry. But I regret the fact that there are so few reference books on contemporary art dolls.

This year, I purchased a wonderful book, Art figuratif et poupées contemporaines de collection, that was written by a young French author, Aude Berger, whom I have became friends with in 2008.

Aude Berger has always been fascinated by figurative art and art dolls, but she’s also obsessed by the creation process that leads one artist to creating their dolls.

The book contains beautiful pictures and features dolls from majors artists who glady accepted to participate in this very personal project: Virginie Ropars, Wendy Froud, Diane Guelincky, Bets and Amy Van Boxel, Hannie Sarris, Marlies Theillout, Martine Bretta Jansen, Laurence Ruet, Marijke Van Olijen, Tine Kamerbeek, Véronique Jacquelin, Heloïse. I have been a long-time fan of Wendy Froud, I envy Aude who had the chance to meet and interview this incredible woman. The pictures of Froud’s dolls are also stunning.

This book is not only an "hommage" to the dolls, but shows also the talent and sensitivity of an emerging author, Aude Berger. Aude’s essays and poems are beautifully written and bring a whole new dimension to the works featured in the book.

I had the chance to share her feelings when she was about to release her book. And I can understand how anxious she was with this piece of work that’s is so personal! But she succeeded! I invite you to purchase her book by writing directly to the Presses littéraires. It costs 30 Euros, or 40 Euros (then offered with a series of 8 postcards).

I am pretty confident that this is not the only book Aude will publish. It might in fact be the first opus of a series. I wish so!

CONTACT, the encyclopaedia of creation

Enki BilalThe Canadian documentary series CONTACT features portraits of great creators of our time. As part of the CONTACT team, I invite you to take a look at EnKi Bilal’s works at

New Release!

Lark Books has recently published a wonderful book entitled 500 Handmade Dolls: Modern Explorations of the Human Form (500 Series): that shows 500 art dolls made by artists around the world. One of my dolls, Death, is featured in that book.


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