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The Hands

Hands and fingers are quite difficult to sculpt, not to mention they’re also fragile and breakable pieces. How many times did you break a nail or a finger while sculpting the hand? How many times did you send a doll to collectors and heard from them that a hand of your doll had cracks on it or had got broken in transport?

How to avoid this situation?

Hands are expressive parts of the doll’s body as well as breakable pieces. Be patient and meticulous while sculpting them.

1. Depending on the doll’s measurements, I use very thin wire to form the hand’s skeleton and I wrap each finger with a layer of masking tape. Then I add paperclay to the fingers. If a finger breaks, the skeleton will stick in place, I only have to replace the broken part. I don’t recommend this technique for those who keep polymer’s natural tones, but for the others, I hope it helps!


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The Hands

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