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Great videos and painting lessons

I don’t know about you, but I can spend hours searching for dolls and marionettes on Google using the French, English and even German words for it! I enjoy finding new artists that have chosen to express themselves through dollmaking.

Recently, I added youtube in my weekly routine and I am searching about videos on sculpting and painting techniques. Famous doll artists Antonette Cely and Jodi Creager, both NIADA members, have posted excerpts from their DVDs, in which they introduce us to their personal techniques.

Antonette Cely’s Video

Jodi Creager’s Video

I am impressed by the meticulous work of Jodi Creager, whose dolls feature such refined details. This doll artist also uses dry pastel pigments when it comes to painting their face. As both Jodi and Antonette Cely say, the pastel dust makes it easier to create subtil and natural effects. You can also obtain such results with make up powder, but I’d recommand to fix it, so that the powder does not fade after a while.

On the other end, I am completely mad about the characters created by Mona Adisa Brooks. Their pale faces, along with red lips and cheeks, have the theatrical twist I love!

One of my challenge would also be to paint my dolls with dark colors. I dream of a face painted in dark hues of yellow, brown, violet, grey, red. I think oil pastel or even oil paint could lead me to unusual results. If you know of a recipe that works, do not hesitate to share it with me!

M.C. Dupont


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Great videos and painting lessons


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