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White unenameled porcelain which is fired in an oven and has the grain of marble. It comes from the word «bis-cuit» which means twice baked.


Wax dolls were once very popular and have come back, thanks to very talented artists who favor this technique.


Despite its name, the National Institute of American Doll Artists groups around 200 of the best doll artists from the western world. They come mostly from the USA, Canada, England, France and Germany.


Paper paste, made by Creative Paperclay. It is composed mostly of talcum powder and paper. It can be air dried or at low termperature in an oven. Many artists used this product.

Papier mâché

Paper paste made from water soaked laniers of paper which are layered. This paste can also be made by mixing paper, water and glue or plaster. Many artists have developed their own recipes. Among them canadians Ronnie Burkett and Denise Lahaie.


Translucid and waterproof substance, the liquid of porcelain liquid is ? in a mold at high temperature. Solid porcelain can be handsculpted. Dorothy Huskins and Kathy Redmond favor this technique.

Super Sculpey

Polymer which is very popular. Must be fired following the manufacturer’s instructions.Used by internationallly known artists such as Bill Nelson, Jody et Richard Creagers, etc.


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