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Reaching Puberty

At puberty, young girls during Antiquity gave away their dolls to the goddess Artemisia. It was a way of renouncing childhood games.

National Treasure

On May 1st 1889, in Rome, a doll was found in the sarcophagus of the young Crepeieia Tryphaena. It came with its own set of earrings, an ivory box, two small silver mirrors and two combs made of bone.

Enchanted Dolls

In the Middle Ages, dolls were carved out of mandrake roots which were believed to hold extraordinary powers and were thought infallible in finding treasures.

Forever Friends

At the time of her death, in 1589, the inventory of Catherine de Medicis’ belongings contained 16 dolls... 8 of which were in mourning clothes.

Too Good to be True

Artist Lisa Lichtenfels are so lifelike that she was once arrested by the police after eyewitnesses signaled that she forced someone to get into her car.Of course, it was one of her famous full size soft sculptures.


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