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Bibliographical References

Many of these books were given to me by my parents who noticed, at an early stage, my artistic skills and my great interest in art. You’ll find some book references on the the history of dolls. Others feature some of the greatest artists in the doll and puppet artistry.

History of the doll

  1. Le grand livre de la poupée, Édition Leipzig, 1971
  2. BAHAR, Ann. Santa Dolls: Historical Contemporary, Hobby House Press, 1992. ISBN 0-87588-397-4
  3. BULLARD, Helen. Faith Wick: Doll Maker Extraordinaire, Cumberland, Md.: Hobby House Press, 1986. ISBN 0-87588-278-1
  4. FRASER, Antonia. Les poupées, coll. Plaisir des images, Hachette, 1963
  5. GOODFELLOW, Caroline, Merveilleuses poupées, Libre Expression,1994. ISBN 2891116232 (172008) (Épuisé)
  6. GOODFELLOW, Caroline, The Ultimate Doll Book, Dorling Kindersley, 2001. ISBN 1586632345
  7. LARK BOOKS, 500 Handmade Dolls: Modern Explorations of the Human Form (500 Series) , Lark Books, 2007. ISBN-10: 1579908675
  8. LIGHT, Cassandra. Way of the Doll, the Art and Craft of Personal Transformation, Chronicle Books, San Francisco, 1996. ISBN 0-8118-0698-7
  9. NIADA (National Institute of American Doll Artists), The Art of Doll, 1992
  10. NOBLE, John. A Treasury of Beautiful Dolls, Whetervane Books, New York, 1978. ISBN 71-158022
  11. NOLAN, Nancy. Lency Dolls in Full Colors, Toys for the Rich and Famous, 1920-1940, Dover Publications, New York, 1986. ISBN 0-486-25204
  12. OPPO, Nella Crestetto. Poupées, Ars Mundi, Italy, 1993. ISBN 2-86901-093-1
  13. OROYAN, Susanna. Anatomy of a Doll, The Fabric’s Sculptor Handbook, Lafayette, 1997. ISBN 1-57120- 024-X
  14. OROYAN, Susanna & WAUGH, Carol-Lynn Rössel. Contemporary Artist Dolls: A Guide to the Collector, Cumberland, Hobby House Press, 1986
  15. POLLOCK, History of Dolls & Toys, Ernest Benn Ltd, 1993. ISBN 1-85648-162X
  16. PORAY GODDU, Krystina et LAVITT, Wendy. Poupées d’hier et d’aujourd’hui, Éditions Abbeville, Paris, 1995. ISBN 2-87946-068-9
  17. RICHTER, Joachim F. Kunstler Puppen, Laterna Magica, Munchen. ISBN 3-87467-294-8
  18. RIESSER, Ingeborg. La poupée aujourd’hui, un art vivant, Éditions Massin, Paris, 1996. ISBN 2-7072-0291-6
  19. SMITH, Patricia R. French Dolls in Color (Third Series), Collector Books, Kentucky
  20. THEIMER, François and VOINIER, Michel. Dolls, Contemporary Works of Art, The French Artists, Polichinelle Publications, Avignon, 1996. ISBN 2- 910858-03-0
  21. TOSA, Marco. Poupées, coll. Antiquités & Objets d’art, Éditions Fabbri Sarl, Paris, 1990. ISBN 2-907745-85-90
  22. VON BOEHM, Max. Dolls & Puppets, Charles T. Branford, Boston, 1956
    How-to Books
  1. GRUBBS, Daisy. Modeling a Likeness in Clay, Watson- Guptill Publications, 1982, New York. ISBN 0-8230- 3094-6
  2. JOHNSTON, Jack, with the collaboration of RYAN, Kathleen. The Art of Making and Marketing Art Doll, Scott Publications, 1994. ISBN 0-916809-80-3
  3. LUCCHESI, Bruno and MALSTROM, Margit. Modeling the Head in Clay, Watson-Guptill Publications, 1979, New York. ISBN 0-8230- 3098-9
  4. McFADDEN, Sybill.Fawn Zeller’s Porcelain Dollmaking Techniques, Hobby House Press, Cumberland, 1984. ISBN 0-87588-217X
  5. McKINLEY, Robert. Sculpting Dolls In Paperclay, Scott Publications, 1994
  6. McKINLEY, Robert. Dollmaking: One Artist’s Approach, Nelson/McKinley Books, 1991. ISBN 0-9628821-0-0
  7. OROYAN, Susanna. Fantastic Figures, C&T Publishing, Lafayette,1994. ISBN 0-914881-00-0
  8. OROYAN, Susanna. Anatomy of a Doll, The Fabric’s Sculptor Handbook, Lafayette, 1997. ISBN 1-57120- 024-X
  9. TAYLOR, E.J. Dollmaking, Workman Publishing, New York, 1987. ISBN 0-89480-311-5
  10. WINER, Gloria J. & WINER, Jim. New Clays for Dollmaking - first edition, Mimi’s Books and Patterns, Point Pleasant (NJ), 1993

Costume & Textile

  1. BAILLEUX, Nathalie et REMAURY, Bruno. Modes & Vêtements, coll. Découvertes # Gallimard Art de vivre, Gallimard, 1995.
  2. BEAULIEU, Michèle. Le costume moderne et contemporain, coll. Que sais-je?, no 505, Presses universitai- res de France, 1951.
  3. CASSIN-SCOTT, Jack. Making Historical Costume Dolls, B.T. Batsford, London, 1975. ISBN 0-7134-5765-1.
  4. DAVENPORT, Millia. The book of Costume, New one volume edition, Crown Publishers, New York, 1965.
  5. FINK, Nancy & DITZLER, Maryalice. Buttons, the Collector’s Guide to Selecting, Restoring, and Enjoying New and Vintage Buttons, Quintet Publishing Ltd, London, 1993. ISBN 1-56138-215-9.
  6. GANDOUET, Thérèse. Boutons, Les Éditions de l’amateur, Paris, 1984. ISBN 2-85917-035-9.
  7. HAINES, Frank & Elizabeth. Foreign Brides from Antiquity, Hobby House Press, Cumberland (Maryland), 1989. ISBN 0-87588-346-X.
  8. HARRIS, Jennifer. 5000 ans de textiles, British Museum Press, London, 1994. ISBN 185-995-034-5.
  9. KYBALOVA, Ludmila & HERBENOVA, Olga & LAMAROVA, Milena. Encyclopédie illustrée de la mode, Gründ, 1970, Paris.
  10. RACINET, Albert. Histoire du costume, Bookking International, 1989, Paris. ISBN 2-87714-073-X.
  11. ROBERT, Jacques. Le costume, Époques Louis XIV - Louis XV, coll. La grammaire des styles, Flammarion, France, 1990. ISBN 2-00-011349-6.

Marionettes, Toys & et Automatons

  1. BAIRD, Bill. The Art of the Puppet, Mac Millan Company, 1965, New York.
  2. BAIRD, Bill. L’art des marionnettes, Hachette, 1965.
  3. BORRAS, Maria Lluisa. World of Toys, Ediciones Poligrafa, Barcelone. 1969.
  4. CURRELL, David. An Introduction to Puppets and Puppet Making, Quintet Publishing Ltd, London, 1992. ISBN 07858-0630-X.
  5. KAMPMANN, Lothar.Théâtre de marionnettes, Dessain & Tolra, Paris, 1970.
  6. RABECQ-MAILLARD, M.-M. Histoire du jouet, coll. Tout par l’image, Hachette, Paris, 1962.
  7. POLLOCK, History of Dolls & Toys, Ernest Benn Ltd, 1993. ISBN 1-85648-162X.
  8. RICKARD, Charles. Les automates, Ouest France, 1981. IBSN 2-85882-358-8.
  9. SIMMEN, René. The World of Puppets, Elsevier Phaidon, London, 1972. ISBN 0-7290-0037-0.

Music & Performing Arts

  1. CHEVALIER, Jean & GHEERBRANT, Alain. Dictionnaire des symboles, coll. Bouquins, Robert Laffont, Paris, 1982. ISBN 2-221-50319-8.
  2. LAFFONT-BOMPIANI. Dictionnaire des personnages de tous les temps et de tous les pays, coll. Bouquins, Robert Laffont, Paris, 1960. ISBN 2-221-04279-4.
  3. MOORE, Gene et HYAMS, Jay. My Time at Tiffany’s, St. Martin’s Press, New York, 1990. ISBN 0-312-03473-3.
  4. PAROUTY, Michel. Mozart, aimé des dieux, coll. Découvertes Gallimard Musique, Gallimard, 1988.
  5. REBATET, Lucien. Une histoire de la musique, des origines à nos jours, coll. Bouquins, Robert Laffont, Paris, 1969. ISBN 2-221-03591-7.
  6. TEULEN, Timothy. The Collector’s Guide to Masks, Random House, United Kingdom, 1996. ISBN 1-85-891-201-6.
  7. VIDAL, Alber. Canta la mimica, Grup Creatu Cegara, Spain, 1983. ISBN 84-7537-002-0.
  8. WICKHAM, Glynne. A History of the Theater, Phaidon Press Limited, Oxford, 1985. ISBN 07148 23228.

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